Davis Commercial Real Estate

616 Hawthorne St, Houston
Davis Commercial Real Estate

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Davis Commercial is a commercial real estate company specializing in the disposition, acquisition, leasing, tenant representation and development of commercial properties on behalf of our clients. We cater to a large range of customers - from individuals to Fortune 500 companies such as ExxonMobil and Walgreens. We are a boutique firm whose focus is on client responsiveness, fast results, and integrity. Who We Are... A commercial real estate brokerage shop that makes deals happen. What We Do... We pride ourselves in maximizing profits for our clients while conducting hassle-free real estate transactions with the utmost integrity. We're specialized and focused to provide you with great customer service. What we can do for you... Quite simply, we will represent you in the sale, acquisition, leasing, or site selection of properties on your behalf to make you the happiest of real estate campers.


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