Sunshine Pro Accounting and Tax, CPA

713 S Claremont St, Foster City
Sunshine Pro Accounting and Tax, CPA

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Our goal is to provide effective income tax and business accounting solutions for individuals and small to medium sized business. Designed to provide strategies to boost your bottom line, we specialize in personal and business income tax, bookkeeping, Quickbooks setup and consulting, and financial statement generation and review. We work with many individuals who are looking for a tax preparer that takes the time to explain significant elements of their tax return. Also, many of our clients enjoy not having the stress or the burden of dealing with the taxing authorities, as our goal is to be an end to end solution for all tax issues. For our business clients, we focus on being a value added partner in providing accounting/bookkeeping, business analyses, and tax services. We do this to help the business owners understand their business trends better, and most of all to allow them to focus on growing and managing their business and not stress about accounting and taxes! Virtual Mee


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