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515 N State St, Chicago
Enkode Technologies

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Disruptive Thinking, Creative Solutions Enkode Technologies is a software solutions firm focused on helping organizations of all size bring their products to realization. We pride ourselves in the core aspect of bringing the highest quality solutions for affordable prices. Our main focus within the tech industry is developing robust, scalable and technically sound SaaS based platforms utilizing cloud infrastructure. All though we have experience in cutting edge technologies such as blockchain, AI, machine learning, and IOT, we are far from being limited to just these. We believe that innovation is key to the next generation and we work diligently with our clients to make that happen. We pride ourselves on our service but that is by no means our goal. We stride to not only build a solid technical solution but also work with clients in defining a product that is closely aligned with the underlying business need and reduced time to market. An important role for us as a firm is to create


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