Pokémon Go Friendship Challenge: Earn Hearts with Your Buddy

Buddies in Pokémon Go have a strong bond with the trainers. To turn a good buddy to the best buddy, players have to earn numerous hearts. The process of earning the heart of a buddy is huge, and it can take months to have the best buddy. Recently Pokémon Go released a Friendship challenge in the game where players have to collect a specific amount of hearts with their buddy.

In the challenge, every level of player can participate and unlock some cool berries, rewards and Pokémon. Every player can take full advantage of this event, but they should know the procedure of getting hearts faster. Players don’t have much time to collect a huge number of hearts. So there is a great legit trick about this challenge that players can try to earn hearts with their buddy.

What are the Challenges for Trainers?

Well, it’s a Friendship challenge, so players have to do those tasks that increase their friendship with their buddies and other trainers. In the challenges, players have to send gifts to their friends, open the specific amount of received gifts, play with their buddy, treat their buddy and earn the hearts of their buddy. So mainly these are the following challenges players have to complete to get a vast number of hearts. It will increase the bond of your buddy with you if you earn some great number of hearts.

The whole challenge tier list has been revealed, and there aren’t any hard tasks players have to complete. In the previous challenges, players were  asked to make some excellent throws which is a tough task for many. However, this Friendship challenge doesn’t have these sorts of tasks. While playing the challenges, players will be asked to collect a total of 30 hearts with their buddy, and this requires at least three days to complete this. You need to do several types of activities to earn the hearts. So if you don’t know about the following activities, here is the list of tasks that will provide you hearts.

Activities that Grant Excitement Points and Hearts

  • Walk 2 km – 3 excitement points
  • Give a treat to your Buddy – 1 excitement point
  • Play with your Buddy – 1 excitement point
  • Take a Snapshot of your Buddy – 1 excitement point
  • Visit a new location – 1 excitement point
  • Visit a Location highlighted by your Buddy – 3 excitement points
  • Open a Souvenir / Present (requires Great Buddy) – 3 excitement points

In the Activity list, most of the activities are simple and can complete easily. If a player plays for a few minutes in a day, they can at least complete three activities easily. The only activity that will create some fuss is that players have to visit a new location. Some players don’t have many PokéStop in their city or area, so this task will be hard.

For the majority of players, the challenges will be quite easy, but the best thing players can do is to earn their hearts as much as they can. It will improve the bond of a buddy with a trainer. So as a trainer, this event will go smoothly, and the primary goal of players will be to collect hearts in huge amounts.


Pokémon Go is trying to build a strong relationship between trainers and their buddy. The easiest thing a trainer can do is try to collect the maximum hearts with their buddy and then swap the buddy to collect more hearts once again.

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